Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Is this the time for breakup in your relationship?

  When you get married you often hope and wish that the relationships lasts forever.You vow that you shouldn't  part till death.But what if you confront a situation or a point in your life when your life partner is no more interested in or he is no longer  in love with you.In this situation they try to fight with you for no reason.They don't do anything like before.They don't care for you as they did before.This clearly shows that they want to part away  from you.
   Many more things can happen that shows you or clears that he needs a breakup with you.A lot of couple enjoy being silent when they are together.This silence have love and care in it.But if this silence has moved awkward then there could be something wrong.If you are in bed and he is not interested and acts as if he is interested.He tries to hurt you while lovemaking then some thing is wrong.All these are signs for an ending relation.
   When such situations comes in your life don't stay quite and let things happen wrong and situations to worse stage.What should you do then?You should bring the problems up with your spouse,including feeling trapped in loveless marriage.Try make him realize and bring back to him the old memories when you loved each other a lot.Give him so much of love that he will be yours again and forever.The love in the relation ought to be much deeper and much more substantial

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Love making is an Art more than a feeling

   All of us think or assume ourselves to be good lovers,but most of us know that we are not the perfect.We know that there is a necessity of improvement.After all ow we enjoy sex or lovemaking shows the quality of our committed relationship.The one whom we love can notice each and every feeling of us on our face and our behavior or ease towards love making.One feeling of disinterest  our face can ruin the moment.So be careful with the expressions on your face.If you want everything to go well then open yourselves,break all the shyness and go forward.
  If everything goes well it puts a twinkling light in your eyes when you both see each other.because you know that you have shared something special and something very personal.Many people are very embarrassed to talk about lovemaking especially with their partners. They just want to feel what they do,but if it is not done to your expectation you get frustrated and dissatisfied.This ends to unsatisfactory relation.All these just happens when you don't express yourself.So better express yourself.
   Expressing yourself correctly leads to the best lovemaking.Like any other art, love making also needs practice to become really good at it.In this regard both men and women have different perceptions where men focuses on orgasm of women and women focuses on the atmosphere and setting that leads to lovemaking.So both of the above should be taken into account to make the lovemaking the perfect one.
   The secret of most memorable love making is to be creative.This includes music,smells,lighting,colors,flowers and many more.Be creative while lovemaking each time do something different that satisfies your partner.This is the secret of most memorable love making.Wishing you all the luck to have lovemaking the most memorable one everytime.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

When Should A Guy Give Flowers...?

Flowers make life so beautiful.They are the most beautiful way to express your so beautiful.But the question, when should a guy give flowers is a toughest question for most of guys.Flowers are given to people for sympathy if they lose someone special or to the people who are hospitalized.Most guys have no problem figuring this part out. The part that gets clinging  is when it comes to giving flowers to a woman in their life that they are dating someone or even when they are married.

Guys let me guide you,giving flowers is the surest way to show your affection and get a positive response from the one you are giving them to than anything else I know of.
A single red rose can bring you more together and close.It makes your woman to think of you  again and again.When you are dating someone you will be intrested in giving them but why do you dont think it for your wife.Try this once with your wife and see the result.
   In context of a buisnessmen who are very busy with their hectic schedules,flowers enhance their relation.Also note that when you are on a business trip and your better half is with you they can make your trip more beautiful.Here is another part to tell,if your love one is angry with you for some reason they are best way to tell her sorry...!!

I have personally seen the power of giving flowers in my own relationships. As guys you don't think anything of it but women think it is the most romantic thing in the world. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate; you can start with a single red rose . As cheap as you can get roses though, I would certainly buy a dozen for anyone who was really special to me.

If you really want to earn the brownie points and reap the benefit of all the comments and accolades given to your lady, send her flowers at work. Very few women get flowers at work and the ones that don't get them will make a huge fuss over them. Another big hint is this; don't wait for a special occasion. Anyone can be expected to give flowers on a special occasion. Think of how it will make her feel when they ask, "Why did you get flowers, is it your birthday or anniversary or something?" and she replies," Just because he loves me."

Thursday, 29 December 2011

How To Keep Your Relationship Going Well?

Relationships are very much similar to delicate strings of threads.Once they are broken or any misunderstadings are faced there comes bitterness in relations which are so sweet now .There falls a knot in the relationships thread.Its better to take care before itself by avoiding everything that can make a relation to go bitter.
       Your relationship is very important to you. You don't want to lose it for anything simple. There are a few things in your relation that you should do to keep it going well. Whether you are a typical guy who is likely to forget or if you are a busy girl with many things on your mind, there are a few things that everyone should make sure they remember in order to insure a happy relationship.

    There can be nothing worse than forgetting your loved one's birthday. This should be a day that you plan for so special that you can insure, your loved one knows that how much you are thinking of them.Dont let your care down anytime.That is the only reason our loved ones are binded to us.And if you make a mistake of forgetting such occassions then then you are going to hurt your loved ones.If you ever forget birthdays,anniversaries etc then you are in a lot of trouble.
          Other things that you may need to remember include major holidays especially those that are centered on love such as Valentine's Day. Don't forget to think about him during these times! Don't forget to plan a special day for her as well.
         In a lot of relationships it is also important to remember at least a few of those first. For example, your first date and the day you both first met are often considered important events. Perhaps the day that he proposed is also important.

So, now that you know which things you simply should not forget in your relationship, how will you go about remembering them? Don't rely on your memory to recall these dates. And, don't assume he or she will bring it up to remind you either. It could be a test! Instead, take a few minutes to either jot down the information in your planner. Keeping track of these important dates will keep you on the good side of your relationship!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

How can a man attract a woman?

Understanding what a woman is looking for in a man is the first secret to attracting a woman.
For many men, the concept of how to attract a woman is simply a rocket science. It’s understandable, though.Men and women differ in so many ways that it’s difficult for many of us to really grasp how to get inside the mind of the opposite sex.The true key to attracting a woman isn’t as easy as any one think. 
It’s more a guidebook on the path you must follow to completely and step by step to seduce a woman, mind, body and soul. 
       To surprise yo,what really gets a woman going is much simpler than you may have ever imagined.Understanding the differences between the sexes will help give you a better foundation on which to build your knowledge of women. Once you can get inside her mind, it’s all downhill from there.

Communication is ultimately the most important aspect in seducing a woman. 
Like so many other aspects of our lives, effective communication is the key to success. 
You want to take the time to really get to know her and what she’s looking for. 
This will benefit you greatly when it comes to pleasing her, so don’t think that getting to know your woman is a pointless, grueling task of learning a bunch of useless information.

Patience when attracting your woman is equally important, too.Being in a hurry will only prove to damage any good you could have done by learning anything at all about your woman.When it comes to attracting a woman, take it slow. We want a man to take his time, not just rush in for the brass ring.
A woman wants to know that you aren’t just playing her for sex. And the best way to prove yourself is to take your time.

All in all, women want to feel special. Being romantic makes men feel special.So if you want to seduce your woman you have to be romantic.It proves that you care, that you want to please her and that you know how to treat a woman right.Romance will take you a long way in seducing a woman. 

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Is flirting a correct thing...!!!

Some of us are natural flirts, whilst others need a little help along the way.Flirting is a fun, easy way to show someone that you like them and being a good flirt is an important part of meeting your perfect partner.
So if it's all part of the mating game then how come not all of us know how to flirt, or even exactly what flirting is?Flirting is making a show off that you love them and you like them.But is flirting always correct to find the correct mate.May be you get a tit for tat in it.For example you try to flirt a girl/boy and the opposite person may also flirt you by keeping their reality hidden.
                             By this you cannot really judge your mate properly.Sometimes it happens that you are just flirting your mate but may be the mate is very serious about you.
In this case you are going to hurt that person.Sometimes you may start flirting your mate but truly fall in love and if in this case your mate is flirting you then you 
are hurted.So by looking to all these cases we can say that only in very less cases you can get true love while you flirt.
If you need true love then you should be very truthful.In this case you will always get true dont flirt just love....s