Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Is this the time for breakup in your relationship?

  When you get married you often hope and wish that the relationships lasts forever.You vow that you shouldn't  part till death.But what if you confront a situation or a point in your life when your life partner is no more interested in or he is no longer  in love with you.In this situation they try to fight with you for no reason.They don't do anything like before.They don't care for you as they did before.This clearly shows that they want to part away  from you.
   Many more things can happen that shows you or clears that he needs a breakup with you.A lot of couple enjoy being silent when they are together.This silence have love and care in it.But if this silence has moved awkward then there could be something wrong.If you are in bed and he is not interested and acts as if he is interested.He tries to hurt you while lovemaking then some thing is wrong.All these are signs for an ending relation.
   When such situations comes in your life don't stay quite and let things happen wrong and situations to worse stage.What should you do then?You should bring the problems up with your spouse,including feeling trapped in loveless marriage.Try make him realize and bring back to him the old memories when you loved each other a lot.Give him so much of love that he will be yours again and forever.The love in the relation ought to be much deeper and much more substantial


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