Sunday, 22 January 2012

Love making is an Art more than a feeling

   All of us think or assume ourselves to be good lovers,but most of us know that we are not the perfect.We know that there is a necessity of improvement.After all ow we enjoy sex or lovemaking shows the quality of our committed relationship.The one whom we love can notice each and every feeling of us on our face and our behavior or ease towards love making.One feeling of disinterest  our face can ruin the moment.So be careful with the expressions on your face.If you want everything to go well then open yourselves,break all the shyness and go forward.
  If everything goes well it puts a twinkling light in your eyes when you both see each other.because you know that you have shared something special and something very personal.Many people are very embarrassed to talk about lovemaking especially with their partners. They just want to feel what they do,but if it is not done to your expectation you get frustrated and dissatisfied.This ends to unsatisfactory relation.All these just happens when you don't express yourself.So better express yourself.
   Expressing yourself correctly leads to the best lovemaking.Like any other art, love making also needs practice to become really good at it.In this regard both men and women have different perceptions where men focuses on orgasm of women and women focuses on the atmosphere and setting that leads to lovemaking.So both of the above should be taken into account to make the lovemaking the perfect one.
   The secret of most memorable love making is to be creative.This includes music,smells,lighting,colors,flowers and many more.Be creative while lovemaking each time do something different that satisfies your partner.This is the secret of most memorable love making.Wishing you all the luck to have lovemaking the most memorable one everytime.

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