Thursday, 29 December 2011

How To Keep Your Relationship Going Well?

Relationships are very much similar to delicate strings of threads.Once they are broken or any misunderstadings are faced there comes bitterness in relations which are so sweet now .There falls a knot in the relationships thread.Its better to take care before itself by avoiding everything that can make a relation to go bitter.
       Your relationship is very important to you. You don't want to lose it for anything simple. There are a few things in your relation that you should do to keep it going well. Whether you are a typical guy who is likely to forget or if you are a busy girl with many things on your mind, there are a few things that everyone should make sure they remember in order to insure a happy relationship.

    There can be nothing worse than forgetting your loved one's birthday. This should be a day that you plan for so special that you can insure, your loved one knows that how much you are thinking of them.Dont let your care down anytime.That is the only reason our loved ones are binded to us.And if you make a mistake of forgetting such occassions then then you are going to hurt your loved ones.If you ever forget birthdays,anniversaries etc then you are in a lot of trouble.
          Other things that you may need to remember include major holidays especially those that are centered on love such as Valentine's Day. Don't forget to think about him during these times! Don't forget to plan a special day for her as well.
         In a lot of relationships it is also important to remember at least a few of those first. For example, your first date and the day you both first met are often considered important events. Perhaps the day that he proposed is also important.

So, now that you know which things you simply should not forget in your relationship, how will you go about remembering them? Don't rely on your memory to recall these dates. And, don't assume he or she will bring it up to remind you either. It could be a test! Instead, take a few minutes to either jot down the information in your planner. Keeping track of these important dates will keep you on the good side of your relationship!