Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Is flirting a correct thing...!!!

Some of us are natural flirts, whilst others need a little help along the way.Flirting is a fun, easy way to show someone that you like them and being a good flirt is an important part of meeting your perfect partner.
So if it's all part of the mating game then how come not all of us know how to flirt, or even exactly what flirting is?Flirting is making a show off that you love them and you like them.But is flirting always correct to find the correct mate.May be you get a tit for tat in it.For example you try to flirt a girl/boy and the opposite person may also flirt you by keeping their reality hidden.
                             By this you cannot really judge your mate properly.Sometimes it happens that you are just flirting your mate but may be the mate is very serious about you.
In this case you are going to hurt that person.Sometimes you may start flirting your mate but truly fall in love and if in this case your mate is flirting you then you 
are hurted.So by looking to all these cases we can say that only in very less cases you can get true love while you flirt.
If you need true love then you should be very truthful.In this case you will always get true dont flirt just love....s 


  1. A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.

  2. flirting is the way of attracting someone with the words to express wat u feel about them in a pleasing way without any serious intention, u need not flirt all the tym... but flirting is a gud relaxation, and a part of romance too...